Theory Rules: Art as Theory / Theory as art

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First published: 1 January About this book The Companion provides an accessible critical survey of Western visual art theory from sources in Classical, Medieval and Renaissance thought through to contemporary writings.

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The Definition of Art

Banksy gained notoriety through his covert operations of smuggling and displaying his work in renowned institutions, such as the Louvre. It can be undeniably and unashamedly individual.

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  7. One artist can play against the traditional system, and most importantly, can beat it. Fellow graffiti artist, Adam Neate, has quickly risen towards being an artist of the people. Neate abandons his paintings all over London and finders of his work are absolute keepers.

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    Perhaps the most definitive modern artist who uses public collaborations is American photographer, Spencer Tunick. In cities all over the world, Tunick has used the imagery of nude people as the basis of his work.


    Sometimes, thousands of people have been called upon for his lavish and adventurous photographs set within urban spaces. This idea of using the public as direct inspiration for art is a key principle of the Games and Theory exhibition. Beneath the surface there are more serious undertones, as experiencing play and risk encourage social interaction and challenges the control of public space.

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    Lottie Child is one of the artists involved in the exhibition. The main ethos for her work was to invite individuals to collaborate with her in researching and making interventions into specific sites, as her work mainly explores the physical and social construction of public space. Her piece, Street Training, explores the notion of art constantly training our bodies and minds to creatively engage with the city streets.

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    Instructions and outlines formed strategies for her paintings, as there are the boundaries of the canvas, limitations of paint and the conceptual constraints of making a painting as well as the structure of the environment in which they are shown. Both a sculptor and installation artist, Krakowiak collaborated with architects and mobile communications technicians to build virtual monuments using radio connection and Internet links to explore the concepts of education and language.

    The Animated Theories of Clement Greenberg

    This exhibition encourages viewers to become active participants by inviting them to climb, crawl and experience the gallery in new ways.