Statistical Physics: Theory of the Condensed State: 009 (Course of Theoretical Physics Vol. 9)

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Country of delivery:. Enter your postcode: optional. Send my basket. Continue Shopping. The Monster Bookshop. This seller does not ship to your selected delivery location. Studio 1 Pupil Book French. Discover Science: Rocks and Fossils. Temperature dependence of charge carrier density. Ashcroft and N. Kittel - J. Landau and E. Aim: The Condensed Matter Physics course aims at describing the main physical properties of solids with regards to the electronic and lattice degrees of freedom. Main topics : Crystal structures and Bravais lattice.

Last Updated september Disordered electronic systems - Lee, Patrick A. Statistical theory of equations of state and phase transitions. Lattice gas and Ising model - Lee, T. Leggett, A. A theoretical description of the new phases of liquid 3.

A theoretical description of the new phases of liquid He-3 - Leggett, Anthony J. SS, doi:. Superfluidity - Leggett, A. Leinaas, J. On the theory of identical particles, Nuovo. On the theory of identical particles - Leinaas, J. Lerda, A.. Levanyuk, A. Levy, M.. Lewis, G. The atom and the molecule, J. Leys, F. Inhomogeneous electron liquid theory applied to metallic phases and nanostructures, Doctoral thesis, University of Antwerp.

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Liao, Y.. Li, W. Spin-imbalance in a one-dimensional. Exact Analysis of an Interacting Bose Gas.

Course of Theoretical Physics: Vol. 9, Statistical Physics, Part 2

Exact analysis of an interacting Bose gas. The General solution and the ground state - Lieb, Elliott H. Lieb, E.. Absence of Mott transition in an exact solution of the short-range, one-band model in one dimension - Lieb, Elliott H. Erratum: Absence of Mott transition in an exact solution of the short-range, one-band model in one dimension, Phys. Lieb, E. Existence and uniqueness of the minimizing solution of. The thermodynamic limit for jellium, J. Lim, T. Efimov state in the 4. Limacher, P. A new mean-field method suitable for strongly correlated electrons: Computationally facile antisymmetric products of nonorthogonal geminals, J.

Liu, W.. Liu, Y.. Longhi, S.. Quantum theory of many-particle systems. Exactly solvable models in many-body theory interpretations by means of density matrices, natural spin-orbitals, and convergence problems in the method of configurational interaction, Phys. Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems. Lu, W. Semirelativistic treatment of bound states - Lucha, Wolfgang et al. Luther, A.. Calculation of critical exponents in two-dimensions from quantum field theory in one-dimension - Luther, A. Luttinger, J. An exactly soluble model of a many-fermion system, J.

Ground-state energy of a many-fermion system. Lynton, E. Superconductivity Methuen, London. Macek, J.. Properties of autoionizing states of He, J. B: Atom. Loosely bound states of three particles, Z. D: At. Macke, W.. Magro, W. Majumdar, C. On next-nearest-neighbor interaction in linear chain. Maldacena, J.. Bound and Efimov states for 4. Origins — the Thomas-Fermi theory, in S. Theory of the Inhomogeneous Electron Gas, chap. New York , p. Reply to "4.

Melting of the Wigner crystal at finite temperature - Comment on. Liquid metals. Concepts and theory Cambridge University. Melting of a magnetically induced wigner electron solid and anyon properties, J. Electron correlation in molecules and condensed phases. Chemical collision model and statistical distribution function for an anyon liquid, Phys. First-order density matrix as a functional of the ground-state electron density for harmonic confinement of two electrons which also interact harmonically.

Superfluidity with and without a condensate in two and three dimensions, Phys. Toward a final theory of critical exponents in terms of dimensionality d plus universality class n - March, N. Many-body Theory of. The statistical distribution function for an anyon liquid, Phys. Relation between Dirac and canonical density matrices, with applications to imperfections in metals, Phys.

Self-consistent perturbation treatment of impurities and imperfections in metals. Phenomenological theory of. Melting criteria for classical and quantal Wigner crystals, Phys. Introduction to Liquid State Physics World. Liquid-vapour coexistence curves from a model equation of state, Phy. Experiments testing macroscopic quantum superpositions must be slow - Mari, Andrea et al. Marques, M. Mastellone, A.. Mattis, D. The Many-Body Problem. An Encyclopedia of Exactly. Mattuck, R.

Statistical Physics Part 2 Theory of Condensed State

A guide to Feynman diagrams in the many-body problem. Matveev, V.. Complex-temperature properties of the 2D. Complex-temperature properties of the twodimensional Ising model for nonzero magnetic field, Phys.

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Katayama, I.. Terahertz-induced acceleration of massive Dirac electrons in semimetal bismuth. Minguzzi, A.. Superfluidity with and without a condensate in interacting Bose fluids, Phys. Misner, C. Feynman quantization of general relativity, Rev. Feynman quantization of general relativity - Misner, Charles W. Modugno, G..

Time from quantum entanglement: an experimental illustration - Moreva, Ekaterina et al. A89 no. Moroni, S.. Moroz, I. Spherically symmetric solutions of the Schrodinger-Newton equations - Moroz, I. Morra, R.. Spin dynamics and the Haldane gap in the spin-1 quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnet. B38 Colloquium: Opportunities in nanomagnetism - Bader, S. Moshinsky, M.. How good is the Hartree-Fock approximation, Am.

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Mott, N. The electrical resistance of dilute solid solutions, Math. Charge transport in non-crystalline semiconductors, in. Madelung, O.. Conduction in non-crystalline materials. Localized states in a pseudogap and near extremities of conduction and valence bands, Phil. Classification of phase transitions of finite Bose-Einstein condensates in power-law traps by Fisher zeros.

The electron propagator in external electromagnetic fields in low dimensions, Am. Murthy, M. Haldane exclusion statistics and second virial coefficient - Murthy, M. Melting of the Wigner crystal at finite temperature - Nagara, Hitose et al. A36 Exclusion statistics: Low temperature properties, fluctuations, duality, and applications - Nayak, Chetan et al.

Nielsen, E.. Two-dimensional gas of massless Dirac fermions in graphene - Novoselov, K. Novoselov, K. Two-dimensional atomic crystals. Odlyzko, A. Onsager, L.. Remark in the discussion following a paper by Gorter on the two-fluid model of liquid helium, Nuovo Cimento 6, Suppl. Statistical hydromechanics, Nuovo Cimento 6, Suppl.

Ornstein, L. Accidental deviations of density and opalescence at the critical point of a single substance, Proc. Amsterdam 17, pp. D27 Parr, R. Density Functional Theory of Atoms and. Parrinello, M.. Thermodynamics of Wigner crystallization, J. LL, doi Pauli, W..

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Politzer, P.. Ma, Y. Pollack, S. Rafanelli, K.. Classical motions of spin Von Neumann entropy associated with the Haldane exclusion statistics - Rajagopal, A. Randeria, M.. High-Tc superconductors: New insights from angle resolved photoemission, in G. Iadonisi, J.

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Chiofalo, M. Fermi - Rapisarda, F.. Reatto, L.. Rebbi, C.. Lattice gauge theories and Monte Carlo simulations. Reichl, L. New constraints on the Yukawa - type hypothetical interaction from the recent Casimir force measurement - Bordag, Michael et al. Renard, J. Rice, M. Rice, T. Richardson, R. Rickayzen, G..

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Ritus, V. Radiative corrections in quantum electrodynamics with intense field and their analytical properties - Ritus, V. On diagonality of the electron mass operator in the constant. Quantum effects of the interaction of elementary particles with an intense electromagnetic field, in Quantum electrodynamics of phenomena in an intense field, Proceedings of the P.

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The interaction between a neutron and a proton and the structure of H3. Thouless, D.