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Dangers and threats.

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Serious and severe. Ordinary people.

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Humans are mortal and we all eventually die. Examples of mortal. Even in the era of the word processor, authorial output of this quantity and quality is something to which we lesser mortals can only aspire. From Cambridge English Corpus. His blood, normally red, is imaged as gold, more precious than an ordinary mortal's because he is the king, even though dead. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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The latter is extremely familiar to ordinary mortals, who come into contact with it, exploit it or become its victims, on an everyday basis. In ancient times, leaders of communities had the status of heroes and were elevated above the ordinary, being regarded as more than mere mortals.

We may slip in that fatal perspective of recognizing culture as our construct, arbitrary, conventional, made by mortals. Here we have to distinguish between the police and ordinary mortals.

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Maybe this is true also, to some extent, of mortals with interesting births. The mortals that experience the extraordinary bitter sting of love, are removed from civilization through death or loss of human form. The rising up of ordinary mortals with extraordinary passions allows the cycle of love to carry on for eternity.

Only some of those on the receiving end were criminally dishonest ; others were ordinary mortals faced with tempting bargains or gifts. Here, as in most other respects, the world of the spirits duplicates that of the mortals. After one and a half turns, he approached the pavilion structure - to occupy his seat - but the mortals had already taken his place.

At the four corners of her tapestry are set miniature scenes of presumptuous mortals. Further, this loving relationship has been extended to mere mortals. Only they can learn about those states of mind ; for ordinary mortals, knowledge about those states of mind is impossible. I went oot last night and I was pure mortal , man! Meaning being idiotic or ignorant. Mostly fangirls or fanboys will call you this. It is very offensive to fangirls or fanboys if called a mortal.

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Be prepared to be stabbed, smacked, or punched. For some extra zing they might stab u with a pen. Oh my gods dude, your such a mortal. Bob: "man, my girl left me last night. Bob: "yo, george is so awesome! Ikmkb Full Send Add to basket. Forensics Val McDermid.

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  • Being Mortal : Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End.
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Beneath the Skin Ned Beauman. Review Text An impassioned, broad-ranging and deeply personal exploration Guardian show more. It is not just medicine that is needed in one's declining years, but life -a life with meaning, a life as rich and full as possible under the circumstances. Being Mortal is not only wise and deeply moving; it is an essential and insightful book for our times, as one would expect from Atul Gawande, one of our finest physician writers.

His book is so impressive that one can believe that it may well contribute to that end Gawande's concern and dedication shine from every page I was in floods of tears, it was so beautifully told. I think this is such an important book We need people of such outstanding intelligence and compassion to consider the ever-growing problems associated with our ageing population.

About Atul Gawande Atul Gawande is a surgeon, writer and public health researcher. He practices general and endocrine surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. He writes regularly for the New Yorker, and is the author of Better , Complications and The Checklist Manifesto