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Feb 04, Alin Baboi rated it it was amazing. This was one of the best speculative shorts on religion and the future. Jul 14, Robert rated it it was amazing. Loved it, and it's short! Otro relato de Martin muy agradable y original. May 02, Vaseem Sherief rated it it was amazing. But freedom is cold and empty and frightening, and lies can often be warm and beautiful.

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Feb 03, Marco Silva rated it really liked it. My feelings about this book are basically those that Damien has towards the fictional book The Way of Cross and Dragon. It is obviously very well written, but I fundamentally disagree with it and its implications. Aug 23, Rachel Jackson rated it really liked it.

Martin had created.

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I also should add that I was skeptical of the writing in general because Martin is so much more well known now for the Game of Thrones series, and naturally, whenever a series is incredibly popular I automatically hold some disdain for it. I'm not a sci fi fan, so as Martin was detailing the different worlds and creatures in those worlds my eyes started to glaze over. Somehow the crux of the story came out of nowhere, and I was instantly hooked. The story then considered many aspects of religion, based on the history of Judas Iscariot and the followers of his religion.

But the characters involved all have secrets that reveal truths about religion, faith, freedom, nihilism and even truth itself. From that point on I was enthralled; I could not get enough of the conversation between the characters. If you read the story, you'll understand what I mean. There were some points in the story that didn't seem to work with me, the science fiction world notwithstanding, like the history between Jesus and Judas Iscariot and what the heresy is based on.

But overall the story was solid and extremely thought-provoking. I loved it. So quote-worthy, very insightful and definitely makes you think about your own beliefs. I would definitely recommend this book, and you can read it online here. Feb 22, Greg Anderson rated it liked it Shelves: audiobook. Read as a part of Martin's Dreamsongs collection. Oct 27, Samuel Rooke rated it really liked it Shelves: short-works-read-in A fascinating, and deeply enjoyable story.

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I give it four new denominations, and a heretical text. May 03, Matheus85 rated it it was amazing. I tell you this much: the cult of Judas way of cross and Dragon is more worthy as a beautiful lie than any religion I have come across. So, what do we choose: the beautiful lie or the miserable truth? We who believe in life, and treasure it, will die. Afterward there will be nothing, eternal emptiness, blackness, nonexistence. In our living there has been no purpose, no poetry, no meaning. Nor do our deaths p I tell you this much: the cult of Judas way of cross and Dragon is more worthy as a beautiful lie than any religion I have come across.

Nor do our deaths possess these qualities. When we are gone, the universe will not long remember us, and shortly it will be as if we had never lived at all. Our worlds and our universe will not long outlive us. Ultimately, entropy will consume all, and our puny efforts cannot stay that awful end. It will be gone.

It has never been. It has never mattered. The universe itself is doomed, transient, uncaring. A B C for pessimists, so I take it that our only option is to forget reality and lose our mind in the world of fiction knowingly or unknowingly? Ok, will do, that is Thank you George! Nov 03, Madeleine rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Read as part of Preston Jacob's Thousand Worlds book club, this was a hilarious criticism of religion.

We are introduced to an Inquisitor of the Catholic faith, who is sent out to quash a heretical movement on the planet Arion. Even better, we find out that all of this is merely a ruse created by Lukyan on behalf of the secret, intergalactic order he really serves, the Liars, who just want to provide people everywhere with the means to be be happy.

The Inquisitor quashes the heresy, like a good Catholic, but he loses his religion and spends the rest of the story wondering whether the Liars are really out there May 05, Felipe Guerrero rated it it was amazing. Bastante, bastante bueno. Martin que no fuera Juego de Tronos y Choque de Reyes y fue una agradable sorpresa toparme con este libro. La historia esta bien muy interesante y engancha desde un principio.

Apr 08, Merelyn B rated it liked it. I appreciate the twist towards the end and the story is interesting. Words Matter. Weightless Books: Indie Ebooks. Mon 29 Oct - Filed under: Not a Journal.

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How big is Sandy? Boo merger! Wonder who HarperCollins will merge with now? I love Penguin books and all the tat that they sell: we have the mugs and cards and tea towel and are quite happy to keep stacking the shelves with those old and new classics.

I also love the name Random House. Also the ropy mucus. Plus Flemish.

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I had a good idea close to the beginning where it was headed. Oh yes, I slid right through 'Cerbo,' landing at the end wrapped in goo and trepidation. That's because it's so full of people, and they've got all that history they keep going on about. I wanted to see a ghost, as there's no point visiting Earth if you don't see anything weird. SF novelette. Why would she have? She has an android to take care of them for her, just like everyone else. But when troubles at work threaten her family's finances, she has to find a way to stay afloat. Yoachim "Cool air swirled in through the window and carried with it the faint tapping of claws scratching against stone.

A spiderling was climbing my tower. An interactive story. And some will stop at nothing to send her back. The winner goes to work for a powerful demon. And the loser. Nattly, transferred as a baby, never got to experience being human.

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