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Generally speaking, two levels of compliance apply in the Mercosur countries with respect to FCMs. With respect to the registration requirements, with the exception of recycled materials, no such requirements have been adopted in Brazil. GMC Resolutions must be transposed into the national legislation of each member state pursuant to the Protocol of Ouro Preto and only have the effect of law once transposed.

Overall migration limits are also specified under this resolution. In addition to the general safety standard, FCMs are obligated to comply with applicable GMC resolutions addressing specific packaging categories. For example, for plastics and paper FCMs, only substances identified on the relevant positive list may be used in Mercosur to produce FCMs.

The existing positive lists include:. Polymeric coatings applied to the interior food-contact side of metal cans, paper, and other substrates must comply with the positive lists and other requirements provided in GMC Res. However, coatings applied to the exterior of metal cans are not yet regulated under Mercosur, as the can itself is considered a functional barrier to migration from exterior coating substances.

While not discussed in detail here, other GMC resolutions other than positive lists , also govern the use of metals, colorants, glass and ceramics, adhesives, paper and paperboard, elastomers, and regenerated cellulose. As noted, Mercosur employs a positive list approach to regulate FCMs, and in the case where an individual substance is not listed on an applicable resolution covering a harmonized food-contact sector, the compound may not be used.

For substances not currently listed or listed for a more limited use than is of interest, the only avenue to obtain a clearance is to submit a petition for the resolution to be updated to include the substance s.


Anvisa reviews individual petitions for advancing to the Mercosur Packaging Group to obtain a listing. Once satisfied with the petition and the data contained therein, Anvisa will advance the petition to the Mercosur Packaging Group for its review. Likewise, within Argentina, Conal reviews individual petitions and, via consensus, will approve them for sending to the Mercosur Packaging Group for further consideration. Notably, to be considered for clearance in Mercosur, the substance must already be cleared in the U.

Mercosur currently will only consider petitions and updates to its legislation as part of a larger modification or update to a Resolution and does not have a mechanism for adding individual substances to the resolutions on an ongoing basis. While the Mercosur Packaging Group delegates have suggested that updates can and should occur every five years, the timeline for amending a resolution in practice is far longer.

Each member state may also have its own additional registration requirements for FCMs.

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  • For example, member states, with the exception of Brazil, also require finished food packaging to be registered before being sold. In Argentina, final primary food-contact packaging articles must be registered and approved by one of three national sanitary authorities:. To obtain an approval of the final article, a sample of the container must be submitted to the appropriate authority listed above, along with information on the composition of all of the components of the constituent materials.

    The authority will:. Agreement MEUA constitutes the first modern and comprehensive agreement concluded by Mercosur countries, and their most important decision on integration into the global economy in the last 25 years.

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    This agreement now sets the base of a minimum common denominator for a deeper integration in the region. Moreover, the successful conclusion of the agreement reinvigorates the external agenda of Mercosur, boosting current negotiations with European Free Trade Association EFTA , Canada, Korea and Singapore, as well as the convergence with the Pacific Alliance, and also opens up a unique window of opportunity for eventually advancing an agreement with both the United Kingdom and the United States.

    The MEUA takes Argentina and Brazil closer to the OECD, and the institutional anchoring provided by the agreement will not only make it more difficult and unlikely for future governments to adopt arbitrary restrictive measures but will also act as a catalyzer for reforms resulting in a substantial improvement in the business environment for trade and investment. Ratification is expected by Regardless of the winning candidates in the October presidential elections in Argentina and Uruguay, the prospects for passing the agreement in both congresses is good.

    In the case of Argentina, were President Macri re-elected, ratification will be a priority. This is either because there is enough genuine support among provincial governors or because not passing the agreement may mean a huge economic setback for Argentina. If Brazil ratifies the agreement but Argentina does not follow suit, Argentina faces the enormous risk of trade diversion and losing the Brazilian market, its largest export destination. In turn, for Uruguay, the ratification process is not expected to face major challenges.

    Procedure to acquire the status of Associate State

    We see this as a sell-out of Irish and European farmers because Brazil in particular does not meet our standards on food production. Commission to talk about climate action and then encourage more exports from the Amazon rainforest, where the size of a football pitch is cut down every minute. The Joint Research Centre has shown that our beef production is four times more efficient than beef produced in Brazil. With the increasing threat of Brexit and the potential loss of our largest beef export market to the United Kingdom for , tons of beef exports, it is illogical for the E.

    Commission to do this deal with Mercosur. The E.

    Regulation of Food-Contact Materials in Latin America (Part 1)

    With the United Kingdom out, this self-sufficiency would increase to percent. Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian echoed his colleague, saying that while the draft trade deal provided opportunities for European exporters, it remained to be seen whether it met France's demands.

    • Farmers, environmentalists slam ‘sell-out’ EU-Mercosur trade deal.
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    • Mercosur-EU FTA.
    • France's main farmers' union, the FNSEA, said on Tuesday that it had requested a meeting with Macron and was also planning protests over the accord. Venezuela, too, is a full member but has been suspended since The European Union is already Mercosur's biggest trade and investment partner and its second largest for goods trade. With this trade pact, the EU is now also the first major partner, potentially giving EU firms a head start.

      Although finer points are still to be discussed and understood, the EU stands to benefit greatly from tariff reductions on goods such as cars and wine. The bloc has its eye on increasing access for its companies making industrial products.

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      Meanwhile, Mercosur aims to increase exports of farm products. Phased over years, it will get a new 99,tonne quota of beef at a 7. As for lemons, Argentina is the world's leading producer. In previous years, lemon imports from Argentina have led to an oversupply in the European market, and the scenario is likely to continue.