James (Sacra Pagina Series)

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Sacra Pagina New Testament Commentary Series (SP) (18 vols.)

Account Options Log ind. Hent trykt bog. In his commentary on the letter of James, Hartin offers a unique approach toward understanding a much-neglected writing.


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Bibliografiske oplysninger. The value of this commentary lies in its breadth of scholarship and its empathic approach to this writing.

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The reader will discover new and refreshing insights into the world of early Christianity as well as a teaching that is of perennial significance. Patrick J. Those complex issues of genre, authorship, and readership are examined, and Hartin argues convincingly that James is an early writing, stemming from the authority of James, the brother of the Lord, who writes to those Jewish-Christians in the dispersion of northern Syria.

Hartin provides a fresh, new translation of the letter that serves as the basis for a detailed explanation of the text. Section by section he examines the text and provides essential and illuminating notes on textual matters as well as issues related to content. This treatment culminates in an extensive explanation of the theological meaning of the passage within its own context as well as its application to the reader today. Through this methodical and scholarly examination, Hartin endeavors to remain true to the two horizons of the biblical text and of the modern reader.

Sacra Pagina Series

The value of this commentary on the letter of James lies in its breadth of scholarship as well as in the empathic way in which he approaches this writing. The reader will discover a new and refreshing insight onto the world of early Christianity as well as a teaching that is of perennial significance. In the Middle Ages it also described the study of Scripture to which the interpreter brought the tools of grammar, rhetoric, dialectic, and philosophy.

This series presents fresh translations and modern expositions of all the books of the New Testament.

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