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It's a really great idea but i couldn't help but notice that the story about Wairaka on page 58 was different to what I heard it is great to see what other peoples stories but I'm still going to stick to the story I know.

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I also really want to look at the sacond book : Ka Pai Mr Nachkebia. Can we pls do the next book? Mikayla Clark St Joseph's Maori girls' college.

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This is a great book, it helps you increase your math knowledge. It is a great resource for years nines it brings great challenges for my class mates you can also learn about Maori legends. I hope to get book 2 and see how much of a challenge it is. I really like this book cause my teacher made it and it also has maori traditions in it. I really hate math so putting something fun into my learning made math so much more enjoyable.

Looking forward to Puzzle Book 2. I'm happy it actually didn't take me that long to finish the whole book and that all of it was reeally easy to solve and it was fun to do!!!! Well done Mr Nachkebia for making a cool book : Also Mr can we do the next one instead of moving straight to a 10m mathbook.

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Great math book, it is good because it has some of the Maori traditions in it. It has helped me to solve problems in math. I think that it is good also because the book is in sections like all the fractions are together and the percentages are separate. This book has helped me a lot! This books helps increase my mathematics and help me increase my knowledge about my Maori Ancestor. I like how this maths book incorporates maori traditions and I have had a brilliant excel on this maths book and I have extended my knowledge. Abracadabra and alakazam!

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All they do is multiply the number in the center of the square by 9 and presto! They magically have the answer! Magic Square A Magic Square is a great tactile, thinking game for kids, that has them rearrange three numerals horizontal, vertical, and diagonal so they all equal one sum, a magical number!

Kids love the use of milk caps because they can slide and glide them around on a flat table top.

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Magic Squares are also a good way for kids to improve their addition skills using a group of addends, three whole numbers in an equation. All you need are 6 milk caps labeled Kids slide the milk caps around, forming a triangle. Their goal is to have all 3 sides add up to equal the same sum. Toothpick Math Puzzles Geometric toothpick puzzles that help develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. Art in Numbers Practice your multiplication tables by creating grid paper designs from Sharynideas!

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Kids identify patterns in their multiplication tables. When they identify a repeating pattern, they create art! Check out the activity here!

Also, visit NRich Math for a slightly different way to create designs from your times tables! Walk Through Paper Can you walk through a hole in an 8. Pass out a sheet of paper to all of your students and see if they can figure out how to cut a hole large enough for them to fit through.

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Viewed times. As a starter list, what do people think of: Raymond M. Smullyan - What is the name of this book? I'm aware this is a rather strange request but thought it was worth asking just in case. Jacob Windsor Jacob Windsor 2 2 bronze badges. There should be a book called Mathematics For Lovers Good luck!

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