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It was from their side, how they saw it, it was about Julie.

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The source said that her feeling was shared by other former residents to the extent that they tried to take their story to The Sun newspaper, but the publication wasn't interested. N one of the credited or speaking roles in The Moorside were played by actors of colour, although two non-white actors appeared in crowd scenes, holding a banner.

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Press photographs from the time suggest a far more diverse community were involved in the search. However, although the cast's acting was roundly praised, some people on Twitter found fault with their accents:.

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What are these accents on Moorside??! I've been watching that the Moorside and having heard their Yorkshire accents they are God awful. Brilliant acting by all in Moorside.

I have rarely encountered a nonfiction title, much less a novel, so rich in what would once have been regarded as classified information. From dead drops to honey traps, trunk escapes to burst transmissions, Matthews offers the reader a primer in 21st-century spying. I think it was a mistake to give Vladimir Putin a walk-on part, and some of the character names Korchnoi, Ustinov, Delon are oddly chosen, given their real-life antecedents.

Perhaps in homage to the culinary spymaster Len Deighton, Matthews has chosen to end each chapter, save the last one, with a recipe.

The Moorside: what the BBC got wrong about the Shannon Matthews case

The technique is charming at first, but it has the effect of undermining whatever suspense the author has built up in the preceding pages. These are minor faults, however. Although Matthews may have a rose-tinted view of the C. Zendaya dons 'Poison Ivy' look. Top takeaways from Week 3. White House infighting thwarts movement on guns. Their bus driver is leading the backlash. Fieri 'heartbroken' over Food Network star Ruiz's death.

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Ramsey calls in sick, still wants Jaguars to trade him. How Brown's likely labor grievance will play out. Ex-police officer to go on trial for killing neighbor in his apartment. This company has filed 10, appeals to Trump's tariffs. Prosecutors in college admissions scandal double down on requests for prison time.

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Cyclothymia: The rare bipolar disorder type we don't talk about. Farm to table gets a cool twist as fourth graders invent new flavors.

Why I'm embracing doing less to be a stronger working mom. It turns out money can kind of buy happiness after all.

Social Security will replace this much of your income. This is what those airport taxiway signs mean.

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