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That pent up angst shines through in Seven and Seven Is right up to the moment the bomb goes off near the end. The sheer energy and fury in this song still astounds, it really is something else, a whole other level of rock and roll greatness. Its simple, pretty and delicate. The timing changes, the lifts from classical to flamenco all adding depth and breadth. Always an interesting listen that consistently offers up something new with each listen.

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The Castle is the name of the sprawling Hollywood mansion the band shared for a couple of years, as the money and drugs rolled through the gates, and their unity and togetherness fled out the back. The mind boggles as to what went on within its many walls. In the film Love Story , Arthur revisits the place in something of an altered state, and attempts to remember those days, not with any great level of success it must be said.

Even for Johnny Echols , one of the most accomplished and brilliant underrated guitarists ion his generation, this was a challenge. Again, flute and harpsichord unite to give the song an otherworldly atmosphere, and to lift it through the dynamic changes that Echols talks about. On that first listen, it was an addictive, entrancing and spellbinding sound, which, while sounding so difficult, actually came across as quite simple. One side of one album, and quite some start on my journey of Love. Surely side two would offer more thrills, more uniquely poised and positioned sounds, more poetry?

Side two of Da Capo is one song. At just under 19 minutes, its a long song too. Revelation begins with a frantic harpsichord intro, before dropping into a chugging blues groove.

It lacks any real structure or direction, and though there is the odd moment of glory here and there, its otherwise a disorganised self indulgent jam session. Stemming from a live piece intended to give each player, by this point, seven of them in total, an opportunity to shine, it probably did make sense in the live setting. On record though, it makes little or no sense.

Miles apart. Thousands, I reckon.

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It does nothing for me, and at the time, I found that a little disappointing. But I was undeterred. I needed to know more. I wanted more Love in my life. I wanted to hear more, to know more. Kenny was right all along. Those first three Love albums show a real sense of progression and development, as the unique sound of the band is forged and shaped.

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The story of the band is one of chaos, addiction, power struggles, and mistrust. Just like the stories of many great bands. Click here for new albums, classic albums and albums of the year. By the time of Forever Changes, they were falling apart and that original line up would go their separate ways soon after.

That particular magic was over. The high point comes when Paul Westerberg fictitiously points out the similarities in approach between his band and Van Halen, thus pointing out in reverse a failure of critical objectivity: "Our albums are all thirty minutes long, we play half our shows drunk off our asses and everyone says we take our fans for granted.

Van Halen's albums are all thirty minutes long, they play half their shows drunk off their asses and they get hailed as some sort of charming throwback to the very essence of real rock 'n' roll. Of course, not every article in the book needs to resort to humor or speculative fantasy to get its point across, and some of the best pieces succeed because of their directness, including Paul Tough's examination of the role that sense of place plays in the music of Winnipeg's the Weakerthans ; Lynn Hirschberg's "Who's That Girl?

If not every selection succeeds Elizabeth Gilbert's "Play it Like Your Hair's On Fire," a profile of Tom Waits, is bogged down by her too-fawning tone and insistence on inserting herself into the story, while Gary Gidden's "Post-War Jazz: An Arbitrary Road Map" is simply a highly subjective and far too random list of 50 years' worth of notable jazz recordings , Groening doesn't pick any real clunkers.

And he does manage to steer clear of Rolling Stone -- although a piece from the doggedly shrill online magazine Pitchfork , a bastion of poor grammar, questionable writing skill and off-putting indie-rock dogma, does make the B- List "Other Notable Essays of ".

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