A Quick Guide to Health and Safety

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Some risks are so great, or the proper control measures so costly, that it would not be appropriate to give employers discretion in deciding what to do about them. Regulations identify these risks and set out specific action that must be taken. Health and safety law is often concerned with the relationship between employers and employees, essentially arising out of the 'contract of employment' agreed between them.

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There is no simple test for establishing whether a person is working under a contract of employment or not. In general terms however, the existence of a contract of employment should be gauged by reference to several criteria:.

A Quick Guide to Health & Safety in the Office

Act and Regulations made under it. Civil liability arises from the duty of care required by common law that a person takes 'reasonable care' if he is in a situation where, if he were to fail to take such care, it can be foreseen that somebody else might suffer injury or loss. Negligence can arise out of a positive act or an omission or failure to act. Criminal or civil cases can expose a business to significant financial loss directly or through damage to reputation.


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Quick guide to health and safety

This means that the degree of risk in a particular workplace or work activity needs to be balanced against the: time trouble cost and physical difficulty of taking measures, to avoid or reduce the risk. The main requirements are to: carry out a risk assessment make arrangements for implementing the health and safety measures identified as necessary by the risk assessment decide on competent people to implement the arrangements set up emergency procedures provide information and training to employees co-operate with other employers sharing the same workplace Risk assessment forms the basis for most recent health and safety law.

Guidance It can be specific to the health and safety challenges of a whole sector or of a particular process in a number of sectors. Approved codes of practice ACoPs These have a special status above that of guidance. Regulations Regulations are law, approved by Parliament. Find all our guides and kits, sample templates for you to use in your workplace, permit and other forms to send to WorkSafe, details about upcoming events, and recent editions of Workplace Issues magazine.

Your Simple guide to workplace health and wellbeing pdf, 6.

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This is the entire guide in one document which will help you develop and implement a workplace wellbeing program. It's the document used by the Wellbeing Advisors when they visit a workplace. This guide is not available in an accessible format.

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PDF, ROI calculator. This spreadsheet template helps you to calculate your own potential savings from investing in a workplace health and wellbeing program. Australian Government website with a range of information and resources to help make workplaces healthier.

What is Workplace Safety?

This template provides a sample Terms of Reference for a workplace health and wellbeing working group. It can be modified to suit your organisation.

This fact sheet outlines how to set up and conduct a working group or steering committee for your workplace health and wellbeing program. This fact sheet provides information on how to engage men in your workplace health and wellbeing program.

02. Business responsibilities

This fact sheet provides information to help you look at food safety concerns when dealing with food in the workplace. This fact sheet outlines the different physical settings or environments that impact on an employee's food choices while at work. These guidelines assist onsite workplace food suppliers to create healthy food options.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

These guidelines use the 'traffic light' system to guide the appropriate amount or ratios of foods that can be provided in work-related situations. This fact sheet outlines the many benefits of participating in physical activity - its not all about fitness! This fact sheet considers key points in ensuring your employees conduct their physical activity in a safe and appropriate manner. This fact sheet outlines the considerations around purchasing and using a sit-stand height adjustable workstation.

This fact sheet provides information on fatigue, with ideas that a workplace can use to help employees manage their sleep. This fact sheet, developed by the University of Melbourne, provides guidelines that organisations can take to facilitate return to work for employees, following an episode of depression, anxiety or other related mental health problem. This fact sheet outlines the signs and symptoms of depression, and what you can do if you suspect your employee is suffering from depression.

This fact sheet outlines the health risks to both smokers and non-smokers when exposed to tobacco smoke.